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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:29 am
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 Post Post subject: [DEEP, DARK, TRIBAL/TECH] Adam Vana - Music For Jungles

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This is a mix very close to my heart. I love this sound and had wanted to do a mix like this for some time. It's deep, dark tribal and tech house, at times bordering on trance. It ranges from sensitive and atmospheric sounds to raging tribal dance beats and trance-inducing minimal melodies and rhythms. I have a radio station where I go to school and we are going to start 2 hour weekly features for local DJs, ala Radio 1 EM, so this mix lasts about two hours.

Please Download HERE (Right-Click, Save As)

Streaming Audio HERE (VBR)

Streaming Audio HERE (64 Kbps)

I am going to stream it live as well at about 7PM EST (midnight GMT) You can access the stream with your favorite media player by clicking THIS LINK

Adam Vana - Music For Jungles
116:38, 192Kbps, 44.1Khz

01. Tilt - The Seduction of Orpheus (Tarrantella vs. Redanka Remix Adam Vana Discovery Channel Edit) [Hooj Tunes]
02. Ralphi Rosario & Martin Fry - 2nd Reunion (Original Mix) [Overtones Music]
03. Zoo Brazil - Make You Mine (Pete Heller's 15072006 Dub) {Get Physical]
04. Rodamaal - Insomnia (Main Mix)[Buzzin' Fly]
05. Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Barsnack (Original Mix) [Shayan Music]
06. Justin Martin - The Legend of Papachango (Main Mix) [Buzzin' Fly]
07. The Timewriter - Space For Lovers (Rulers of the Deep Electronica Remix) [Plastic City]
08. The Last Atlant - Instinct (Emersia vs. Storyteller Remix) [Toes In The Sand]
09. Dousk - Pa Dida (Original Mix) [Bedrock]
10. Gorge & Nick Curly - In A Mood (Original Mix) [Plastic City]
11. Ame - Rej (Original Mix) [Defected]
12. Andro & Snake Sedrick - Cinnamon (Original Mix) [Tilth]
13. Matthew Dekay & Roob V - Dubio (Original Mix) [Solar Recordings]
14. Roland Klinkenberg - Monday Groove (Original Mix) [Electronic Elements]
15. Ralphi Rosario - Brinca 2006 (Tech House Remix) [Tweekd]
16. Roland Klinkenberg & Gerry Menu - Cascades (Original Mix) [Lowriders]
17. Pino Shamlou - Black Forest (Frankman Remix) [Shayan Music]
18. James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix)
19. Subsky - Rainman (Original Mix) [Only]
20. Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Rancho Relaxo (Original Mix) [Mobilee]
20. Kult Of Krameria - Pure Reality (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
21. Kult Of Krameria - Daz It Mean (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]
22. Martin Fry vs. Kamaya Painters - Hot Summerbreeze (Live Mashup) [Unsigned]
23. Incolumnis - One With Sanctuary (Original Mix) [J00F Deep]
24. Chus - Black Rain (DJ Paulo & Todd Duktevitch Remix) [Stereo Productions]
25. James Holden - A Break In The Clouds (Main Mix Adam Vana Edit)
26. Lewie Day - Striptease (Original Mix) [Audio Therapy]
27. Javith & Salazar - Orinoco (Sergio Fernandez Remix) [Distinto]
28. Agoria - Les Violons Ivres (Original Mix) [Different]

Artwork by me as well. Your criticism and comments are most appreciated.

- Adam
EMC Internet Radio


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