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Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:19 pm
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We have just added Sleepy C to the lineup. This will be Sleepy's LAST PERFORMANCE EVER! When we were told that his full record collection had been put up for sale, we had to have him play one more time before he called it quits! Having founded Psychoactive records, and the collective, he is throwing in the towel, and putting 15 years of DJ'ing and producing tracks, years of producing some of the city's biggest events, in retirement. Don't miss this opportunity to see one of Cleveland's greatest legends, throw it down one last time. Expect to hear some of the classic Sleepy C tracks, as well as some of his releases over the recent years.

A formidable part of mid-west dance history and one of the founders of the Cleveland, Ohio scene, Sleepy C might never have graced us with his head shaking house beats had he not made a life changing trip to Chicago in 1989, "I was Mr. Synth music, new wave boy and I heard a tape of Frankie Knuckles and it blew me away, after that I was an addict, had to have as much of HOUSE as I could get," says Steve Cinch aka Sleepy C. A few years after succumbing to house music's charm', Sleepy C helped to resurrect the Cleveland scene with his involvement with the now famous Cleveland party called Re-Birth in August of 1994.

Since the early days of the ever-blossoming house music scene, Steve's involvement and success with the Psychoactive, Psychotrax and AVA labels have paved the way to his latest project, Mannequin Odd Dance label. Combining all forms of house, from deep for-the-head tracks to harder, pumping tunes, Mannequin Odd Dance maintains, "Our requirement is that each track has its own personality."

Attracted by a similar love for the house beat, Sleepy C and co-owner of the Electrik Soul label, DJ Onionz, formulated a friendship a few years back as their dj travels across the US and Europe afforded them the opportunity to be in the same circles. Once the Electrik Soul label was born, Sleepy C was given the opportunity to re-mix King of Blues Theme from tomorrow, and clearly exemplified his knowledge of the studio. The 1000 leagues mix features a bass heavy sound that sneaks up and spins you into a groove. Most recently, Onionz first mixed cd release, Future Acoustics, has been released on Mannequin Odd Dance too much critical success.

In his private life, Steve lives with his wife at their home in Cleveland and keeps himself occupied with his radio-controlled car-racing hobby. But, just like his deep involvement with dance music, this is not your average battery operated car hobby. "During the summer I race on road r/c cars. NOT TOYS!! These are 1/8 scale nitro methane powered on road cars that reach speeds of 90 mph! They are just as technical as a real formula 1 car, it is the shit!"

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