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Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:19 am
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What's up everybody. I've been around off and on since the 90's. I've probably seen most of you play at one time or another. I love pretty much all genres of EDM and at home my taste in music is very eclectic. Although I can fully enjoy a long, 4 to the floor, melodic, mix; I myself don't spin it. I play 140-160 bpm pornographic, booty shakin, dirty 909 infused,BOOTY music. Ive been DJing since 06 primarily in the house and for friends but recently have been wanting to play out. I did a NYE party and an open deck night and am looking for a few gigs/weeklys/ whatever to get out and play loud and have fun with like minded people. I started producing a few months back. Some of it is shit but some tracks have gotten attention from blogs and one song by DJ Funk. I'm a gear whore and have spent waaaaay to much on equipment but I want to be able to rock whatever is in a booth without dragging a bunch of shit with me or I just like blinking lights, I dont know. Anyways. Just wanted to introduce myself. Hope to see you guys/gals around. Glad to see CNL is still going. Started reading it in 05 or so. Peace

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